The purpose of Universal Soul Power is to assist all those who are part of the universe — particularly African Americans — in tuning into their  social consciousness and mental, physical, and spiritual power or greatness by way of my creative, inspirational writings.

The truth is that most of us haven’t lost our spiritual souls (although some of us act like we’ve lost our minds), yet, but we have lost our “Soul” — that NewRhythmandBluesyContemporaryHipHopSoul that allows us to be compassionate, productive leaders who recognize what really matters in life and live beyond fad terms like “Swag” and know what really being Calm, Cool, and Collected is all about: being your “growing self,” dancing to your own Life Beat, in tune, on beat, unfazed by fear, and leaving the world a better place when you move on.

Now dat’s Real Soul, and dat’s whatum talkin’ ’bout!

Walter L. Hilliard III